Put Down That Sander!

Did you know that if you’re sanding the finish off of your furniture before refinishing then you’re doing it all wrong?!?

Save time and frustration by preparing your furniture for refinishing the right way!

You can avoid…


Wasted money on tools and products that you don’t need. Keep those dollars in your pocket! (Or spend them on a massage instead!)


Wasted time on processes that result in failed finishes. I’m looking at you, splotchy stain and peeling paint!


Ruining valuable heirlooms. Don’t worry! You can have your family over for Thanksgiving and show them grandma’s transformed china hutch with pride!

I’ll tell you a secret…

I started out thinking the same way!

You’ll find plenty of posts on my site that show sanding as one of the first steps to refinishing. I couldn’t understand why I kept getting sanding swirls, rounded edges, and poor finishes. Now I do! And I want to share everything that I’ve learned so that you don’t have to go through the same frustration!


Put Down That Sander!

The step-by-step guide to furniture refinishing prep! Transform your outdated furniture into a reflection of your unique style, the right way! Skip the shortcuts and learn how to refinish furniture by creating a foundation that will last for years to come, without any do-overs! Save on wasted tools and products by sticking with the tried and true processes that the pros use!

Let’s get down to business

Here is what we cover…

Chapter one

Why Sanding is NOT the First Step in Refinishing Furniture

This is a very unpopular opinion, but it’s true! Every time that I picked up a sander to scrub off all that old finish, I was doing it wrong! This chapter explains exactly why sanding is the wrong method and how it could be causing your projects to fail!

chapters two thru four

What to Do Instead

In each chapter, we walk through one of the three essential steps required to prepare your furniture for refinishing properly. No shortcuts, no fluff, just actionable steps with easy-to-read charts and pro tips to guide you through the process!

Chapter 5

Creating the Design

The final chapter is where the implementation begins! Use everything that you’ve learned to create the perfect refinishing design plan for you and your unique piece of furniture. The step-by-step guide walks you through the exact processes and products that you will need. But wait! There’s more!

After putting all of the time and effort into refinishing a piece of furniture, don’t you want to step back with a sigh of satisfaction knowing that you have followed all the right steps to create something that will last?

This eBook will get you started on that path!

Introductory offer!

Packed full of years of experience and helpful tools to get you started!

Sanding Issues Deep Dive
Material Identification Guides
Charts and Cheatsheets
Step-by-Step Refinishing Guide
Glossary of Refinishing Terms
Bonus: Essential Refinishing Toolkit
Bonus: Staying Motivated in the Messy Middle