No matter where you are in your DIY journey, you need a toolkit. Whether you’re using a hot glue gun to create wreaths, or busting out the hammer to put up a wall, a good tool will help you get the job done. These are affiliate links, so if you purchase through these links then I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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crafter toolkit

mini hammer
rotary tool
hot glue gun
glue gun case
fabric cutting set
fabric markers
mini pliers set
fabric measuring tape
upholstery sewing kit

beginner DIYer toolkit

Basic Toolset
mini ratchet set
Staple and brad nail driver
stud finder

intermediate DIYer toolkit

oscillating tool
finish nailer
circular saw
extension cord
25′ measuring tape
wall stud finder
right angle drill attachment
ratcheting screwdriver
magnetic screwdrivers
16 oz hammer
ratcheting wrench set
adjustable wrenches
nail set
drill bit set
pry bar set
rubber mallet
miter box
electric stapler
staple remover
spring clamps
6″ spreader clamps

Advanced DIYer Toolkit

oscillating cutter and angle grinder
finish nailer
hammer drill and impact driver set
circular saw
wall stud finder

“I’ll Build It Myself” Toolkit

miter saw
drill and driver
finish nailer
glue gun
wall stud finder with laser level

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