DIY Interchangeable Seasonal Picture Frame Wreath

Storing a wreath for each season takes up a lot of storage space. Wreaths also eventually break down, whether they’re real or artificial. A DIY interchangeable wreath made from an upcycled picture frame is the perfect solution! Change out the decor each season and store it all in one bin!

Seasonal Interchangeable Wreath Before 1

Using a smaller quantity of decor means that you can splurge on higher-quality embellishments such as ribbons, greenery, or florals. If you don’t want to create your own arrangements, it’s super easy to pick up some beautiful premade arrangements.

Before we get started, let’s get the fine print out of the way…

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Now, let’s get started on creating your customized seasonal wreath!

Tools and Materials

Cleaning & Prepping

This picture frame had already received a makeover in the past, but it still needed a good cleaning to make sure it was ready for its new look. I scrubbed it down with an old toothbrush and my go-to degreasing cleaner, White Lightning.

Picture Frame Cleaned with White Lightning

After scrubbing, I made sure to rinse thoroughly to remove any residue. Finally, I used pliers to remove any nails that were protruding from the back of the frame.

Paint the Picture Frame

Since this project had already been painted and the paint was still in really great condition, I chose a Silk Primer-and-Topcoat-In-One paint in Black Sands. The color is somewhere between dark grey and soft black. It’s a great neutral that can easily fit with any decor or season. The final finish is a wonderful matte.

Black Sands Silk Paint on picture frame wreath

I applied two coats using a 1-inch flat synthetic brush. Before applying the paint and in between brush strokes, I misted the bristles with a fine spray misting bottle. This helps the paint glide smoothly onto the surface of the project and minimizes brush strokes.

Seal with Terra Tuff

Yes, I did say that the Silk paint has a top coat built in already. For an everyday piece of furniture, this built-in top coat will work fine. This frame, however, will be exposed to the elements and lots of sunshine, so I wanted to give it extra protection.

Terra Tuff to seal picture frame wreath

Terra Tuff isn’t only water resistant, but it also provides UV protection as well. It’s the perfect heavy-duty top coat! Terra Tuff does result in a semi-gloss finish. If you want a more matte finish then you can add a layer of Flat Clear Coat over top.

Add Hardware

Simple picture frame hardware is all that’s needed to create the fastening points for embellishments. I measured across the top and bottom to find the center point of the frame and marked it with a pencil. Then I installed a sawtooth hanger to both the top and the bottom centers of the frame by hammering in small nails on each end of the hangers.

Seasonal Interchangeable Wreath Fastening Point 5

Finally, I screwed eyelets into the upper left and lower right corners. This allows more options for placing decorative elements.

Seasonal Interchangeable Wreath Fastening Point 4

Add Decorative Elements

Time to add the pretty parts! I found a beautiful boxwood garland that I trimmed down to create a foundation for the focal point in the bottom right corner. Then I added a rustic bell for some interest.

Seasonal Interchangeable Wreath Closeup 3

Then I added a fluffy bow to the top center that offsets the rustic color of the bell perfectly!

Seasonal Interchangeable Wreath Closeup 2

And that’s it! Now you can trade out bows, florals, greenery, and interesting elements to create a beautiful wreath for any occasion. Best of all, you won’t have to section off part of your basement or attic to store it all!

Seasonal Picture Frame Final Reveal

This painted picture frame has a whole new look and purpose!

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